About ICP

ICP is an association that has set its sights on creating innovative cultural projects, always fitting the given infrastructural conditions of the event location. The focus of all events is on dance – be it for amateurs as well as the fields of education and public events.

Besides own dance productions, ICP also aims at organizing cooperative projects including painters, musicians or other performing artists. In this regard, everything is strongly based around a europe-wide cooperation of artists to do justice to the cultural variety in existence.

Contact us: events@ic-projects.eu

Our Events

Dance Theatre Productions

In cooperation with the award-winning company "DanzUp" ICP already has organized multiple artistically high-class dance theatre productions. Partly serious, party humorous these productions are able to create emotions and encourage their audience to laugh and think.

Public Events

ICP produces everything from effective appearances at company-internal festivities to awe-inspiring open air shows. All of these projects combine local features with international know-how. This is what makes it possible to design each and every show as a one-time-only experience.

Dance Festivals

ICP dedicates itself to organizing high-class dance festivals in breath taking and unusual locations all over Europe (AUT, GER, GRE, CRO, ESP). During these events the course participants can attend varied classes, from ballet to hip hop, while being coached by prominent international teachers.

More information about our project "Dance Alps Festival" is available under: www.dance-alps.com